Sperm, eggs, and nestlings – 2 days, 3 papers!

The past few days have been particularly productive for the research group with three quite different papers all published online over the past 48 hours. First up was the paper published in Ibis reporting the catastrophic mortality of nearly all embryos, during a heatwave back in 2017. The paper was written by Luke McCowan and myself, and describes this heatwave and the very high level of mortality throughout the population at this time. We will publish more detail on this one very soon.

Second up is the first experimental paper focused on data from the Oroboros Oxygraph machine that we have used to assay mitochondrial function. This paper, published in Frontiers in Physiology, was led by Riccardo Ton, and is focused on the experiment he conducted while first visiting us as an Endeavour Scholar in 2019. The paper is published online and is publicly accessible here.

Finally, less than 12 hours after Riccardo’s paper is the SpermSizer paper written by Callum McDiarmid. This paper, published in Behavioural Ecology and Sociobiology describes a new tool for measuring sperm morphology. The program has been extremely useful in processing the many thousands of sperm that we have now measured in our studies of estrildid finches. The paper can be found here.

Figure of Sperm Sizer in action. From McDiarmid et al 2021.

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