We collaborate with a number of other research groups around the world, as they provide useful perspective, skills and opportunities. Most importantly we enjoy working collaboratively……

If you would like to collaborate on any of our research projects then please contact us. Australia is a great place to work and we have developed some excellent research systems.


Active collaborations

Kate Buchanan & Ondi Crino (Deakin University, Australia)

Terry Burke & Kang-Wook Kim (Sheffield University, UK)

Sasha Dall (Exeter University, UK)

Daniel Hooper (Price lab – University of Chicago, US)

Andrea Liebl (University of South Dakota, US)

Marc Naguib (Wageningen University & Research, Netherlands)

Louis O’Neill (Exeter/ Macquarie visitor)

Jordan Price (St Marys College, Maryland, US)

Lee Ann Rollins (Deakin University)

Melissah Rowe (Oslo University, Norway)

Andy Russell (Exeter University, UK)

Wiebke Schuett (Hamburg University, Germany)

Clementine Vignal (University of Lyon/Saint Etienne, France)