We are always looking out for those who share our passion for research into ecology and evolution, birds, and the inspiring Australian environment.

Volunteers – We welcome enquiries from those who might wish to volunteer with us and assist with our fieldwork projects on zebra finches or chestnut-crowned babblers, based at the Fowlers Gap Arid Zone Research Station (western New South Wales), or in regional towns throughout eastern Australia for work on house sparrows. we can cover your accommodation costs, travel within Australia and assist with living costs.

Prospective PhD students – we are always keen to hear from people interested in studying questions relating to ecology and evolution in birds. We believe that an ideal PhD candidate would conduct research of close alignment with the species and questions already being addressed by the group, to best gain from the support of the group and maximise insight during what is a relatively short and intensive period of study.

To be competitive for a Macquarie International Scholarship that would fund the project and a living stipend, an ideal candidate would have: 1. a research-based MSc in biology (with a project component of about 50% or greater); 2. a record of sustained academic excellence; 3. authorship of peer-reviewed papers; 4. have been the recipient of competitive awards or prizes.

For enquiries, please contact: Simon Griffith