Dr Lori Hurley – Post Doctoral Research Associate. Working on the ARC project – Living and growing in a hot climate
Dr Stephan Leu – ARC DECRA 2017-2019). Animal social networks, behavioural ecology and evolution, movement ecology, parasite and disease transmission


We welcome enquiries from anyone interested in working in the group as a postdoc and on the ongoing research projects that we have. There are a number of options for securing funds and in the recent past I have helped people to successfully apply for Australian Research Council DECRA’s, Macquarie University Research Fellowships, and Endeavour Fellowships. We would also be happy to act as a host for those applyng for funding from overseas programs such as the Marie Curie, or NSF overseas positions.

Recent post-docs

Andrea Crino (moved to another post-doc at Deakin)

Mark Mainwaring

Paul McDonald (moved to a permanent position at UNE)

Sarah Pryke (went on to a Future Fellowship at ANU)

Amanda Ridley (went on to a Future Fellowship at UWA)

Lee Ann Rollins (now on a fellowship at Deakin University)