PhD Students

Current students

Hector Pacheco – My project aims to investigate the correlation of sub-lethal, acute and chronic effects of high temperatures over a range of physiological parameters in adult zebra finches (Taeniopygia guttata) and long-tailed finches (Poephilia acuticauda), also evaluating their behaviour when confronting these harsh conditions

Callum McDiarmid – Sperm and speciation in the long-tailed finch
Anika Immer – The ecology of fear in the zebra finch

Larissa Trumpf

Recently finished students

Caterina Funghi – Spatial ecology and information use in the zebra finch – joint PhD with Hamburg University and co-supervised by Wiebke Schuett (finished 2019)
Molly Gilmour – Social and spatial behaviour in the domestic sheep in the rangelands (Supervised by Stephan Leu, finished 2018)
Hanja Brandl – Information use in wild zebra finches – Joint PhD with Hamburg University and co-supervised by Wiebke Schuett (finished 2018)
Samuel C Andrew – Invasion genetics of the house sparrow (finished 2017)
Peri Bolton – Genetic compatibility and conservation genetics of the endangered Gouldian finch (finished 2017)
Lori Hurley – Reproductive plasticity in zebra and long-tailed finches (finished 2017)
Daisy Duursma – Determining the effects of climate and physical environment on behaviour and morphological traits of Australian birds

Elizabeth Sheldon