MRes and research opportunities at Fowlers Gap

Fowlers montage

We are running a special field trip to Fowlers Gap from Monday 4th December to Tuesday 12th December for students who are keen to explore research opportunities with our research group. Fowlers Gap is an Arid Zone Research Station just to the north of Broken Hill (for more info on the station check out the link above).

We will take the best 6 applicants out there and cover transport, accommodation and food costs. Applicants will be expected to help out on two active research programs – one on sheep and the other on zebra finches. Applicants will be selected on the basis of their grades and the 400 word summary of why they would like to take part in either one of these research projects. More details on these projects can be found on this website.

This is a great opportunity for those interested to get to visit the iconic Australian outback and see species such as red kangaroos, emus, zebra finches and budgies in this spectacular environment.

As well as helping us with research you will get a chance to interact with members of the research group and explore opportunities for your own research projects at Fowlers Gap in the future. We are actively trying to recruit students into second year MRes and PhDs.

To express interest please contact either Stephan Leu or Simon Griffith by email.

To apply to come on this trip please submit an application as a single PDF providing the 400 word summary above as well as the grades that you achieved in any 300 level courses you have taken to date.

Closing Date for applications 15th October